Family Law


Family law matters often occur under difficult circumstances. The two most common Family Law disputes are parenting matters and property matters.


We have significant experience in all aspects of Family Law including:

  • Parenting/Custody Disputes, including issues about where the children live, or time spent with parents or other persons (including Grandparents or other family members)
  • Property Disputes involving the division of assets including properties, vehicles, monetary accounts, chattels, companies, trusts and in certain circumstances, superannuation
  • Prenuptial Agreements, and Financial Agreements for parties during relationships or a marriage
  • Divorce Applications where a party seeks to legally end their marriage to another person
  • Child Support Issues
  • Paternity Issues and Disputes


With the right advice at an early stage it is often possible to reach an agreement about property and/or parenting matters without litigation. This can save significant time and money.